Works in Progress: Kanan and Bayards, and Commissions  

I wanted to share a few updates with everyone.

First up, work is progressing, albeit slowly on my Season 3 Kanan.

2016-10-13-15-48-22After watching more episodes and getting some good up close screen caps, I’ve heavily revised my prototype mask. This takes into account the two layers, better sizing, outer shape, and the ‘bolts’ (where the bump outs are) which is where I’ll attach the strap.

2016-10-04-15-17-44I also finished printing my Kanan lightsaber. I’m not sure if I’m just going to finish this up and call it good (probably for the first iteration) but my end goal will be to make it even nicer and mold and cast it. I’m going to test out XTC-3D from Smooth-on on this print to see how it does for smoothing everything out.

Keith, Hunk, and Pidge!

I’ve also been hard at work making more bayards. I even made a new mold off of a better master. I moved the seam line and pour spouts and air vents and am very happy with the results! It’s a lot less work for me (and anyone buying one) to clean up a casting now!

I also secured two new commissions! I can’t reveal them yet but I can give a couple of hints. One is from Zelda and one is from Voltron! I especially enjoy doing commissions from properties I love, and both Zelda and Voltron are near and dear to my heart!

Star Wars Rebels Kanan Cosplay

I’ve been thinking about trying a Kanan Jarrus (from Star Wars Rebels) cosplay for awhile now. I even grew my hair out for it! I’ve collected a ton of reference photos and made mental notes about how to build a lot of the props.

And then I finally got to watch the first episode of Season three last night. I woke up this morning still itching to make a season three Kanan cosplay instead of my original plan. So much so that I had to spend 10 minutes making a quick prototype of Kanan’s new mask.

It’s not quite as oversized as it looks. While it does need some trimming the main thing it needs more of is shaping so it’s not sticking up or out as much. Since this was a base prototype to use as a template, I didn’t spend too much time getting I  perfect since I’m just going to flatten it back out again anyway to make my templates.

What do you think? Should I go full on season three Kanan? Stick with my original plan for season one and two Kanan?

Preacher Coffee Can Build

Preacher is my favorite show on TV right now. In my opinion, it’s the best comic to screen adaptation I’ve ever watched.

So when someone asked me if I could build them the coffee can from the show, I jumped at the chance! This was a really fun build, and, if you’re interested, you can read the full details of the build process.

I’m thinking I may make one for myself and do a Preacher cosplay in the near future. If you’re interested in getting yourself one or know a Preacher fan who would love one, you can also order one from me on Etsy or StoreEnvy.

Voltron Cosplay

I absolutely LOVE the new Voltron: Legendary Defender show on Netflix. As soon as I saw the first episode, I got to work on building my plain clothes Keith cosplay for SDCC. Somehow, even with a new baby, I managed to get it done in time.

If you want to read about how I made any of the parts of the costume or props, you can read my write-ups at

The initial work in progress details.

The final build details.

2016-08-05-19-31-31Next up is working on the armored version of Keith for ECCC. My original goal was to have it ready for DragonCon, but that ended up being way too ambitious! So far I’ve managed a base for the helmet. More to come on that in the near future!

Lance bayard.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on fulfilling orders for bayards. You can get a fully finished bayard for any character, or even a custom color, or a raw casting, or even the STL files I created to make my original master.

Check them out on Etsy or StoreEnvy.



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