Four New Costumes Debuted at ECCC!

I managed to get all four of my new planned cosplays done for ECCC! It was a blast and I got to see and hang out with so many awesome people (and yet somehow managed to miss so many people I wanted to see). I’ll be doing a more detailed recap in the near future, but for now, here are pics of each of the costumes I wore!

Sirius escapes from Azkaban! Photo by Girl With the Blue Hair.

Azkaban Sirius


Kanan and Chopper.

Kanan Jarrus (Season 3/4)


Coffee drinking hipster Lotor. Perfect for ECCC.

Lotor (Voltron Legendary Defender Fan Art Version)


Yes we managed to get an ENTIRE Endless group together. Photo by Downen Photography.

Morpheus (From The Sandman, not The Matrix)

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