Rose City Comic Con 2017 Line-up and Schedule

What Cosplay Do I Have Planned

Here is my currently planned line-up for this weekend! As always, things happen and plans change, but for now this is it! Old Man Keith, Jessica Jones, and Sirius Black! I may do a cosplay change on Saturday, but I’m not sure yet. Keep an eye on social media!

Where Will I Be

I’m also going to be on two panels at RCCC. The first one is “From Screen to Cosplay: Making Fantasy Into Reality.” It is on Saturday at 5pm in Panel Room 7. The fabulous and talented Downen Creative Studios, Harbeastie, and VivSai Cosplay will be joining me.

The second panels is “The Art of Family Cosplay: Survival Tips from the Experts.” It is on Sunday at 3:30 pm in Panel Room 8, and I’ll be joined by the wonderful Queen Bee Cosplay, Avalyn Cosplay, BH Cosplay, and AJ Cosplay.

I will also be at the Harry Potter meetup on Sunday at noon in the lobby (there’s a map on the event page with the exact location and details.)

Are you coming to RCCC? Please say hello if you see me! Not only do I not bite, but I’m a hugger, so you can even get a hug if you’d like.

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