Loki Debut

I’ve been slowly working on a Thor: Ragnarok Loki, and I somehow managed to get my Loki horns (it was a raw resin kit from Know One’s Designs) finished about 30 minutes before leaving for Jet City Comic Con last Saturday. Since I’m still working on my daggers and full costume, I threw on my best suit and went as formal Loki.

And I am so glad I did! Not only was it a fun, small con, I got a bunch of great photos courtesy of Triple Click Photo!

I also made the cut in this EagleRockets video!

And now I’m back to work on the full costume, planned to debut at ECCC 2018.

In the meantime, if you’re interested in printing your own Loki daggers, or grabbing a 3D printed kit, head over to my shop!

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