Cosplayer and maker of props.

I’ve been cosplaying and making my own props for about four years, but I recently lost my job of 13 years. That led me to trying to make this hobby of mine I’m very passionate about into something a lot more. I do everything myself from sewing and pattern making to foamsmithing, mold making and casting, 3D model design and printing, and more. I also love learning new skills and challenging myself! I’ve always got at least half a dozen projects in the works at any given time.

I sell finished and unfinished props in my shop along with an assortment of accessories, 3D files, and blueprints. Want me to make you something completely custom? I do commissions as well! Hit me up if you want to talk about a new project.

In addition to my prop shop, I’ve also started a Patreon! Hopefully you’ll join me on my adventure. I promise lots of great content and cool stuff to come. You can sign-up for as little as $1 a month (though there are 7 different levels depending on how much you want to contribute and how much you want out of it). Every bit helps and earns you my extreme gratitude! ¬†And even if you can’t chip in, every share to spread the word helps too!

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