Prospect – Behind the Scenes – Ammo Chargers

Prospect, the film I worked on last year building and finishing props and sets, premiered nationwide and is now even available to pre-order on Blu-ray or on iTunes! With that, I've been given the okay to do a handful of behind-the-scenes posts about a couple of the things I worked on for the movie.   The first... Continue Reading →

Cosplay Photography!

As some of you may know, I was a professional photographer for a small time MANY years ago. I've wanted to start getting back into it in the cosplay scene but my equipment is all old and crap now. However, I got to borrow The Feathered Hart's camera on Sunday at Jet City and took... Continue Reading →

Prospect In Theater Meetups in Seattle and Portland

As I've now mentioned a couple of times, I worked on a bunch of props and sets on the movie Prospect, coming to theaters in November. You can check for tickets in your area and brownie points to anyone who gets a photo of my name in the credits! (I may select a couple of people to... Continue Reading →

This Is Me: A Behind the Scenes Documentary about Me!

I recently got to work with Alex from Sky Feather Studios on a mini documentary series he's doing called This is Me. I highly recommend following the page so you can see future videos, but you can watch mine right now! I'm very proud of how this all came out. "Our first episode of... Continue Reading →

Halloween Sale and Order Deadlines

Here is a quick peek at just a few of the new items I have in my shop now - Voltron bayards can be purchased as kits or assembled, Moonshadow elf pendants from The Dragon Prince, finished Azakaban Prison signs for both Sirius and Bellatrix, and more! I also added autographed prints (in various sizes)... Continue Reading →

Voltron: Legendary Defender Season 6 Interview – Space Grandpa

Season Six of Voltron: Legendary Defender just released on Netflix last week and I got to chat with executive producers and co-showrunners Joaquim Dos Santos and Lauren Montgomery for a few minutes about the season. NOTE: This was originally published at GeekDad: Season 6 was awesome, of course. Best yet, in my opinion. One quick question... Continue Reading →

Instagram 2K Foam Keith’s Blade of Marmora Sword Giveaway

.A new giveaway! Help me celebrate hitting 2000 Followers on Instagram! For this giveaway I am teaming up with Zaklabs and Cosbond to make a foam version of my upcoming Keith's Blade of Marmora sword. Zaklabs will be cutting the foam out using my design on a laser cutter, assembling it using Cosbond, and I'll... Continue Reading →

Voltron: Legendary Defender Keith’s Bayard and Sword Build

Many people ask about my Keith sword and how I made it, so I thought I'd finally write-up a little walkthrough! Hopefully this will help anyone who may have purchased one of my kits as well! Designing the Bayard Sword The very first step was designing the sword in the first place! Since I already... Continue Reading →

SakuraCon 2018

SakuraCon is coming soon and here is my planned line-up of cosplay! I hope to see you there! I may also do Sirius on Friday but I am also the Mecha Modeling Coordinator for SakuraCon this year so I may be too busy on Friday. For most of the weekend you'll be able to find me... Continue Reading →

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