Prospect In Theater Meetups in Seattle and Portland

As I’ve now mentioned a couple of times, I worked on a bunch of props and sets on the movie Prospect, coming to theaters in November. You can check for tickets in your area and brownie points to anyone who gets a photo of my name in the credits! (I may select a couple of people to receive a small goodie for sending me such a photo!)

But I have also setup a meetup at a showing of Prospect in both Seattle and Portland, and I’d love to see you there and watch the movie together!

The first meetup is on November 8th at the 6:45pm showing at the Regal Meridian 16 in Seattle. Check out the event page! Bonus — this showing also includes a Q&A with the director/writers!

The second meetup is on November 11th at the 7:20pm showing at the Regal Fox Tower in Portland. Check out the event page!

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