Prospect – Behind the Scenes – Air Filters

Prospect, the film I worked on last year building and finishing props and sets, premiered nationwide this weekend and is now even available to pre-order on Blu-ray or on iTunes! With that, I’ve been given the okay to do a handful of behind-the-scenes posts about a couple of the things I worked on for the movie. A seemingly minor detail but breathing on an alien world is critical and every character has a breathing filters of some sort. The base for the filter was modeled and printed before I was brought on board, but I did the finish work on most of them.

Ezra, played by Pedro Pascal, had a special version of the air filter with a four button control system and double hookup.

I also made all of the filters that go inside the filter box. You can see a little orange poking out and that is painted EVA foam wrapped around the ends of a length of foam backing rod. Some of the filters were made new and packaged (didn’t make it into the movie) and others were weathered at various stages of use.

The four button side addition was scratch built by me using various parts in our junk bins.

For all of the air hoses, we wanted them to be easy to put on and off, so quick connects seemed like a no-brainer EXCEPT we didn’t want anything to be obviously recognizable as modern technology so for all of the connectors on the filter boxes, I hid the base of the quick connect in a resin cast cut off from some other parts we were using. This also gave us a nice easy way to mount them onto the filter boxes.

A variation on the filter can also be found in the Green Moon Guide (which you can get on the Regal Cinemas app or site with reward points).

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