Con Judging and Spotlight Feature!

A quick update about what’s going on!

Last weekend I was at SFGE, and while I was there to be the Tabletop Gaming Coordinator, I’ve also made it my mission to bump up the cosplay and prop making presence. In addition to having four awesome cosplay guests, we also had a costume contest, and I got to be a judge for the first time! Immediately following the convention, I got hooked up with RenCon to be one of the pre-judging judges (channeling Eric Jones from Coregeek Creations who was a pre-judge last year when I was in the contest).

RenCon, as well as the rest of my con schedule for 2017, is now up on my site on it’s own page, so check it out if you want to know where to find me. I’ll be adding panels, photoshoots, appearances, etc. for each panel as we get closer, but if you want me to be on a panel, moderate a panel, or meetup for a photoshoot, let me know!

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