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Guardians of the Galaxy Badge Now Available

After seeing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and seeing this cool design for a promotional pin, I decided I needed to make this into a badge!

I popped open Fusion 360 and modeled out the badge (including spending a good chunk of time searching for the perfect font). The 3D model can be purchased in my shop to print your own!

I did my initial test print on my Dremel Idea Builder using Matterhackers PRO PLA. A 3D Kit can be purchased from my shop that’s just like this one. But I didn’t want to stop there, I also wanted a nicer, metallic version.

As a test, I threw a little Rub n Buff on the test print and thought it look great.

Because I wanted to make a mold, and I wanted to try to conserve time and effort, I paid for a 3D Resin print through 3D Hubs to save myself some sanding and filling time.

Into the mold box it goes! I used Mold Star 16 FAST for the silicone mold. The mold box itself is just cut up foam core.

The finished product is Smooth Cast 325 resin, mixed with a tiny drop of black SO-Strong tint and brass Powder. The process is very similar to how I made my Voltron Challenge Coins. Final cold cast versions are now also up in my shop!

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