Star Wars Rebels Kanan Cosplay

I’ve been thinking about trying a Kanan Jarrus (from Star Wars Rebels) cosplay for awhile now. I even grew my hair out for it! I’ve collected a ton of reference photos and made mental notes about how to build a lot of the props.

And then I finally got to watch the first episode of Season three last night. I woke up this morning still itching to make a season three Kanan cosplay instead of my original plan. So much so that I had to spend 10 minutes making a quick prototype of Kanan’s new mask.

It’s not quite as oversized as it looks. While it does need some trimming the main thing it needs more of is shaping so it’s not sticking up or out as much. Since this was a base prototype to use as a template, I didn’t spend too much time getting I  perfect since I’m just going to flatten it back out again anyway to make my templates.

What do you think? Should I go full on season three Kanan? Stick with my original plan for season one and two Kanan?


  1. Jesse D Perez

    Season 3 all the way!

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