We’ve Launched Our Studio!

Time to let the good news fly! Announcing the inception of Sionnach Studios; the combined effort between Billythebrick Cosplay and The Feathered Hart Costumes! We have found that we tend to work together on most of our commission projects, and so creating a single name under which to operate was the next logical step. To this effect, everyone will see more personal projects appearing on our individual pages, with all commission projects and film work moving through the studio. This has been a long standing goal for both of us and we are beyond excited to see it coming together. A huge thank you to Huntress Creations for her work in helping us create our new logo. Thank you! We love you! To help kick off this awesome development in reaching our goals we have a few appearance announcements for you all! Tuesday, July 30th from 1 pm to 4 pm PST we will be attending the We Love You 3000 Tour event at Funko HQ in Seattle and co-judging the costume contest at 2 pm. We’ll also have this amazing line-up of cosplayers there with us as the Avengers! Cosplayers are invited and encouraged to attend! We hope we can see you there! Friday, September 13th at 6:30 pm we will be hosting a panel called Screen 2 Reality alongside Rogues Gallery Fitness at Rose City Comic Con. This informative panel will help beginning costumers realize that on screen costume they’ve been wanting to make and includes lots of tips for planning out and executing your next costume project. October 26-27th we will be running a booth at Jet City Comic Show┬áin Tacoma. We’ll have printed patterns, some items from the shop, and of course both of us! Come talk shop with us, or just stop by to say hello!

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