Star Wars #RebelsRemembered

Today marks one year since Star Wars Rebels ended. I’ve said a lot about Rebels before so I’ll keep this post relatively short. Rebels is easily my favorite slice of Star Wars. Wanting to cosplay Kanan is the reason I grew my hair out in the first place! I’ll be wearing Kanan to ECCC next week and I’ll be bringing a brand new prop  just finished with me – Hera’s kalikori. This is the big project I’ve hinted at with the molding and casting snippets (unless you’re a Patreon backer than you’ve been watching the whole process!)

Without further rambling, here are the photos I took yesterday of my kalikori!

The kalikori was 3D modeled and printed then molds were made of all of the pieces. The entire thing is resin cast .I will be making a limited run of these and orders for them are available in my shop! The mask is made of foam, the lightsaber is also 3D printed, and the costume I made from scratch myself as well.

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