2018 In Review and 2019 Plans


What Cosplay Debuted in 2018?

As always, a lot of things were started, some things were left unfinished, but I did manage to debut several new cosplay this year:

Azakaban Sirius Black – Photo by Girl With the Blue Hair

Season 4 Kanan Jarus

Hipster Lotor – Photo by David Matsui

The Sandman Version 1 (along with Zombie Panda as Death and No Fox Given as Delirium) – Photo by Justin Cosplay

Ragnarok Loki (with The Feathered Hart as Jane Foster Thor) – Photo by Downen Photo

White Wolf Bucky (with the man himself, Sebastian Stan)

Green Lantern (this was a very last minute idea to throw together a transformation costume. I want to do a version 2 of this one because I know I can make it even better with more time) – Photo by Yeti Cave Photography

JJ and Danielle – Jessica Jones was already done of course, but I was wanting to debut my daughter’s Danielle costume so badly this year and I’m glad we not only got to but got this amazing shot from Triple Click Photo.

The Sandman Version 2 – Thanks to my Arda Wigs seasonal sponsorship, I was able to get an awesome wig and makeup to do a Version 2 of the Sandman that  am MUCH happier with. I plan to break him out in 2019 for another shoot or two. Photo by The Feathered Hart with edits by me.

What Props Did I Make in 2018?

DragonFang – Using Rawrbomb’s model as a base, I modified and then made several DragonFangs – This is the sword of the Valkyries from Thor: Ragnarok.

Holdo Blaster – I don’t care what anyone else thinks – I loved Star Wars: The Last Jediavailable in my shop as 3D files or resin casts and I love Holdo. This is her blaster which I modeled from scratch, then molded and cast. These are !

Baba Yaga Mortar – I got to build a set piece for a short film here in Washington about Baba Yaga. This is a life-sized mortar that a human can fit inside. This was the first time I designed and built a large set piece from scratch all by myself and I love how it came out!

Azkaban signs and necklaces – I first made an Azkaban sign for myself but then added it to my shop. I now have Sirius and Bellatrix signs available as raw kits, finished signs, and even necklaces! (Lucius coming soon!)

Jane Foster Thor Helmet – This was a really fun project that I worked on with The Feathered Hart. The helmet base model was from DO3D, but we had to make a bunch of modifications and additions to the helmet. Heather carved the ear wings out of foam, but the rest of the build was mine. Getting those ear caps resin printed (thanks Cory!) was what convinced me to get my own resin printer! All of the parts of Jane Foster Thor that I modeled and printed for the full costume will be in my shop soon!

Shiro arm – This was the third Shiro arm commission I have made, but this time, I made my templates into a pattern (available in my shop) and then used it to make the arm! Now anyone can make their own arm using my pattern and instructions (although I do still make them as commissions).

Runaan’s necklace from The Dragon Prince – this was a show I wasn’t expecting that premiered this year and surprised the heck out of me. I LOVE it. Although I only have these necklaces up for sale so far, I have at least 3 other things from the show in the works at the moment.

Garrison Jacket – The first of many grand collaborations with The Feathered Hart – we drafted and published a multi-size pattern for the Voltron Season 8 Garrison jackets. We are very proud of the results and not only have we made several of these jackets ourselves, we’ve already seen several made by others!

Other Accomplishments of the Year

Prospect, the indie sci-fi filme I worked on last year debuted at SXSW, won an award, got picked up and saw nationwide release this year! And with that I was finally allowed to share a bunch of what I worked on.

I actually setup and did some real photoshoots. I got to work with Girl With the Blue Hair Photography, Hudson Michaels Photography, Josh Shot Photo, Yeti Cave Photos, Rhoscoe Photo, Downen Photo, and David Matsui. I highly recommend all of them if you get a chance to work with them! And hopefully I’ll get to work with all of them again in 2019 along with a bunch of others I have on my bucket list 🙂


Heading into 2019, I’ve already started plans for conventions and costumes.

What Conventions Am I Attending in 2018?

First off, you can always see my most updated convention schedule on my Appearances page. I’m always updating it with the conventions I’m going to, and what, if any events (panels, photo shoots, etc.) I’m doing while I’m there.

I’m trying to be a little more conservative in what cons I got to this year so right now, I only have solidified plans for Emerald City Comicon and SakuraCon; however, Comic Con International, Rose City Comicon, Renton City Comicon, and Jet City Comic Show will all likely get onto my schedule again this year. While I don’t have plans to add anything else yet, I am open to going to more cons, especially as a panelist or cosplay guest (and if you’d like to see me at a convention not on my list, the best way is to ask the convention to invite me as a guest!)

I’m very excited to be returning as the Mecha Modeling Coordinator at SakuraCon again this year. If you want to volunteer to help out, hit me up. I’m looking to hire some volunteer staffers to help with the room (and yes you get into the con for free!)

What Are My CosPlans for 2018?

As always I have several secret cosplay plans that I’m NOT going to talk about here, but my Patreon backers get first look at these and also get exclusive and first looks at most of my props, costumes, tutorials, and more. If you can, please consider supporting my work by becoming a backer!

Here is the current list of work in progress cosplays that will be debuting in 2019. I’m trying to keep the list light because I know things will get added on the fly or changed mid-year:

  • B.Avengers – this will hopefully turn into a large group but the idea is for everyone to make a B. Avenger version of their hero of choice a la Peter B. Parker from Into the Spider-Verse. This gives everyone an opportunity to shed their reservations about being a superhero regardless of body type, race, gender, etc. and make the B. universe version of that character themselves. I’ve chosen my hero but I’m keeping it a secret for now 🙂
  • Hero Rey – this should be a no brainer for this year. I have ALL the things I need to make this costume, I just need to do it. I have all the fabric. I have my patterns. I have the parts for my staff and blaster all printed and cast. I even have a lightsaber! Rey will definitely make her debut sometime this year.
  • Secret Star Wars – The Feathered Hart and I decided to do something we’ve never done – buy costumes! We want to show everyone that a. it’s okay to buy a costume and b. how to improve upon a bought costume to make it your own and to enhance it. Look for this coming soon as we debut one of our favorite Star Wars couples.
  • Keith/Catra mashup – It’s no surprise to anyone that I love Keith. And there are so many versions of Keith to make now – Garrison jacket (which will be happening – we made the pattern after all), both of his end of Season 8 jackets, his Blade of Marmora leader suit – and of course, I am prioritizing none of those. My friend, Elfgrove, came up with a Keith/Catra mashup design that I just love and will hopefully be doing sooner rather than later.
  • Punk Beast – there is a Punk Disney group gathering for ECCC and I tentatively signed up to be Beast. I’ve long wanted to do a Beast costume and a punk version might be the one that finally gets it done for me!
  • Hank Pym – The comic that got me into collecting comics as a kid was West Coast Avengers. Hawkeye has always been one of my favorite heroes. When Rogues Gallery Fitness mentioned putting together a classic West Coast Avengers group, I knew I wanted in but didn’t want to add another big build to my list, so I chose Hank Pym. It’s a super easy costume and I already have everything ready to go except for a wig!

What Else Can You Expect From Me in 2019?

As some of you may have seen, this year The Feathered Hart and I donated our time and combined efforts to make a Ragnar costume for a little boy who is fighting against Leukemia. This was the beginning of one of our big goals which is to do at least one donated/charity build a year. This was such a fun and rewarding project, being able to give back to someone who really needed it. We’ll be looking for another kid to do this for in the new year.

And the biggest thing I’m hoping to bring in 2019 is more collaborations both with The Feathered Hart and other makers. I love collaborating with folks, and I have a couple of projects in the early planning stages that will hopefully be announced soon. If you want to collaborate on something, let me know!



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