Monthly Archive: December 2016

‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Kanan Jarrus Build: Part One: The Mask

When I saw the first episode of Season Three of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ I knew that my next cosplay would be Kanan Jarrus.

First Patreon Goal Reached!

To celebrate hitting my first goal on Patreon (here comes a band saw!) here is the latest WIP peek at a commission for a Rito Harp.

Metallic Voltron Coins Now Available!

In case you missed it, my Metallic Voltron coins are now available!

Black Lion Coin Giveaway!

To celebrate finally being ready to make my final molds and start casting the actual Voltron coins, I’m running a quick little giveaway! This is a test cast from my junk mold but it is two-sided and full-size. I wont… (READ MORE)

Rebellion Safety Pin Jewelry

I just added two new items to my shop-a Rebellion Safety Pin Necklace and Pin/Brooch.

Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke Build

My entire Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke build from start to finish including lessons learned and future enhancements and additions.

WIP Updates and New Item for Sale!

As my work on my Kanan cosplay progressed, I was unhappy with my droid caller. I was using the only one available out there — Han Solo’s, but the only reference pics I could find of Kanan looked totally different…. (READ MORE)